Elementary Number Theory

Course Code: B13001Y

Course Name: Elementary Number Theory

Credits: 3.0

Level: Undergraduate

Lecture Time: 60 periods

Course Description

This course is mainly focused on the first six chapters of The Collection of Hua Luogeng (Number Theory: Volume II). If time permits, the instructor will discuss contents from chapter 7 to chapter 10. Through this study, students will master the basic knowledge of elementary number theory, and understandfuture problems and methods about number theory.


1. Integer Factorization  

2. Congruence  

3. Quadratic Residue

4. Properties of the Congruent Polynomial  

5. Overview of the Distribution of Prime Numbers  

6. Arithmetical Function


Hua Luogeng, The Collection of Hua Luogeng (Number Theory: Volume II), Science Press, 2010