Cell Biology

Name: Cell Biology

Time:   40 hours

PrerequisitePhysics,  Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Target audience: Undergraduate

Aim: This course starts from the basic knowledge of cell biology, introduces the common features of cells (the microscopic and molecular structures) and functions (the dynamic processes of biomolecules) of cellular components. It focuses on the unique features of cell biology, and also combines with current knowledge from other disciplines of modern biology, to prepare the students for advanced molecular cellular biology topics.


1.      Introduction and History of Cell Biology                                2 hours

2.      Research Methods in Cell Biology                                           2 hours

3.      Biomembranes                                                                          2 hours

4.      Mitochondria and Chloroplasts                                                2 hours

5.      Membrane Transport of Small Molecules                                2 hours

6.      The Intracellular Membrane                                                      2 hours

7.      Discussion (literature discussion)                                             2 hours

8.      Protein Sorting and Intracellular Membrane Traffic               2 hours

9.      Cell Signaling                                                                           2 hours

10.    The Cytoskeleton                                                                      2 hours

11.    Nucleus and Chromosome                                                        2 hours

12.    The Ribosome                                                                           2 hours

13.    Discussion (topic1)                                                                   2 hours

14.    The Cell Cycle                                                                          2 hours

15.    Cell Proliferation and Cancer                                                   2 hours

16.    Cell Differentiation and Development                                    2 hours

17.    Cell Death                                                                                 2 hours

18.    Cell Junctions and the Extracellular Matrix                             2 hours

19.    Discussion (topic2)                                                                   2 hours

20.    Final Exam                                                                                2 hours


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