Experiment of Cell Biology

  • Course Name: Experiment of Cell Biology
  • Credits:
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Pre-requisite: Physics, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry
  • Lecture Time: 5 weeks, 1 session/week, 8 hours/session
  • Instructors:
  • Course Description


Cell biology experiment is a required course. In this course, students spend most of "in-class" time in the teaching laboratory practicing fundamental techniques in cell biology.Over the course of the term, the students will complete five weeks experimental training in the different areas of cell biology. In addition to learning how to perform these techniques safely, the tutors also help students understand why techniques work the way they do, and what scientific questions can be addressed with different techniques. Our focus is on helping the students integrate factual knowledge with an understanding of experimental design and data analysis.

  • Topics and Schedule
SES# Topic Instructor
1 Introduction of advanced microscope and observation of plant cells Weicai Yang
2 Basic technique of cell culture Guanghui Liu
3 Apoptosis in C. elegance Chonglin Yang
4 Immunostaining and observation of cell organelles Junjie Hu
5 Subcellular isolation and purification Pingsheng Liu


  • Grading

Grades will be assigned based on the following:

Team Project Proposal 40%
Lab Presentations 5%
Lab Notebook 15%
Final Paper 40%
  • Text book

There are no required text books. Relevant papers, protocols and other information will be provided in course.

  • References


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