Computer Architecture

Course Code: B62008H

Course Name: Computer Architecture

Course Properties: professional basic course

Periods &Credits: 60/3.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Digital Logic, Principles of Computer Organization, Principle of Microcomputer

Instructors: Dr. Weiwu Hu

Course Description

This course is a professional curriculum for undergraduate students with major in computer science. The purpose of this course is to help students master the basic principles of computer architecture. This course requires students to learn how to organize the various functional units of the computer system effectively and design a computer system with great performance and low expense under the existing technical condition.

Topics and Schedule

1. Focus on the most essential issues in the field of computer architecture, and explain in simple terms.

2. Big assignments will be given. Students will concatenate the knowledge together taught on the class by experiments. Furthermore, students will have a better understanding of this course.


Weiwu Hu, Computer Architecture, Beijing: Tsinghua University Press (June 2011), ISBN: 9787302256892