Data Structures

Course Code: B62002Y

Course Name: Data Structures (B)

Credits: 3.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Programming Language and Experiment

Lecture Time: 15 weeks, 2 sessions/week, 2 hours/session

Course Description

Teaching methods:

Teaching class: 58 hrs; Big project show class: 2 hrs

This course will refer to academic conference in poster format.

Topics and Schedule

  1. Introduction of Data Structure and Algorithms (2 hrs)
  2. Basic Data Structure 1: Arrays and Linked List (4 hrs)
  3. Basic Data Structure 2: Stack and Queue (4 hrs)
  4. Basic Data Structure 3: Tree (6 hrs)
  5. Basic Data Structure 4: Graph (6 hrs)
  6. Basic Algorithms: Sorting (6 hrs)
  7. Basic Data Structure 5: Hash (6 hrs)
  8. Basic Data Structure 6: Heap (6 hrs)
  9. Basic Data Structure 7: Search Structure (6 hrs)


A weekly homework will be given by 8 times. The homework will be graded and their scores will count for 24% of the total. Meanwhile, students will be given a big project, and it will count for 16% of the total. At the end of the class, it will be followed by a final examination, which will count for 60%.


[1] Weimin Yan, Weimin Wu. Data Structure (C language version). Tsinghua University Press.

[2] Weimin Yan, Weimin Wu, Ning Mi. Problem Set of Data Structure (C language version). Tsinghua University Press.

[3] Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, Susan Anderson-Freed. Data Structure (C language version). ISBN: 7111187989


Course website (including literature reading list and course notes)