Database Systems Lab

Course Code: B63006H

Course Name: Database Systems Lab (B)

Credits: 1.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Data Structure, Programming, Principles of Computer

Lecture Time: 5 weeks, 2 sessions/week, 2 hours/session

Instructors: Dr. Shimin Chen

Course Description

This course is seminar of database system. Students will deepen the understanding of database system and cultivate practical abilities of using database, application design and implementation through the course.

Topics and Schedule

  1. Use of Database

 1.1.  Install open source database system (PostgreSQL or MySQL)

1.2.   Use TPC-H dbgen to generate TPC-H database and data loading

1.3.   Write SQL according to requirements

1.4.   Run TPC-H query to test performance

1.5.   Database Systems Lab

  1. Application Design and Implementation of Database System

Design an application which based on back-end services of database, it is modeled on the, 12306, CMT/Easychair conference system, Linkedin, or lending system, etc. A project team should have three people to carry on it.

  1. Design and Implementation of Analytical Database System

Design to implement a database system for data analysis which support value type, type string data and support the function: select from where group by. A project team should have three people to carry on it.


Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke. McGraw-Hill. Database Management Systems. 3rd edition (August 14, 2002)