Object-oriented Programming

CourseCode: B63011H

Course Name: Object-oriented Programming

Course Properties: Professional course

Credits: 40/2.0

Pre-requisite: IntroductiontoComputer, Programming, ComputerScience, BasicTheoreticalComputerScience

Course Description

This course is designed for undergraduate students majoring in Computer Science, and is a major elective course, which is to make students master the idea of objected-oriented programming. The concept and method of object- oriented programming are introduced in this course, and the programming style and key points of modern practical software design are discussed. This course emphasizes practical and comprehensive concepts, supplemented by curriculum experiment. Students are arranged to write a certain scale and complex program, and thoroughly discuss some advanced topics about objected-oriented

Programming, making students understand some of the key language features of the ideological basis and the underlying mechanism.

Topics and Schedule

1. Introduction to object technology (2hrs) 

The development history of programming language

The basic idea of object-oriented programming
2. Java programming language foundation (6hrs) 

Class and objects

Data type

Instruction character

Flow control


3. Object construction and access rights (6hrs) 

Object initialization and clean-up

The control to object access controls
4. The multiplexing and decoupling of objects (6hrs) 

Object composition, inheritance and polymorphism

Abstract classes and interfaces
5. Holding and generic of objects (6hrs)

Collections of objects

Type information


6. Multithreading (4hrs)


Public resource

. Graphical user interface (4hrs) 

Graphical interfaces

8. Speech (2hrs)

Invite relevant experts to introduce the research of object-oriented programming in the form of lectures

9. Show students’ major project (2hrs)

Plan to organize twice to show students’ big work

Arrange students to introduce the completion of their big job work and characteristics


Bruce Eckel, Thinking in Java, China Machine Press, 2011


Grady Booch, Objected-oriented Programming, Publishing House of Electronics Industry Press, 2012 (The third edition)

Author: Wang Wei

Date: 2016.6