Operating System Lab

Course Code: B62011H

Course Name: Operating System Lab (B)

Credits: 2.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Principle of Computer Engineering, C-language programming

Lecture Time: 10 weeks, 2 sessions/week, 2 hours/session

Instructors: Dr. Yungang Bao, Dr. Mingyu Chen

Course Description

Through writing a small operating system prototype independently, students will deepen the understanding of operating system. Six projects will be given: system boot, multiple processes and inter-process communication, virtual memory, file system, interrupt and device drivers.

Topics and Schedule

This course will be given once a week and synchronize with the operating system class.



Anderw S. Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems (English version), 3rd, Machinery Industry Press. ISBN: 9787111265276