Materials Forming and Processing

Course Code: B53003H

Course Name: MaterialsFormingandProcessing

Credits: 1.5

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Advanced Mathematics, College Physics.

Lecture Time: 30 hours


Course Description

This course is an elective course for undergraduates majoring in materials science and engineering, and also can be used as an elective course for other majors such as mechanism and physics.This course is to introduce the basic methods of metal forming,basic concepts and basic theories; the application of computer simulation in material forming process is introduced, and the development trend of modern forming technology and its future are introduced in this course.Materials preparation and processing technology in the field of materials science, machinery, electronics, aerospace and other fields have a very wide range of applications.Through this course, students will understand and master the basic forming methods of the material and lay the foundation for the further study of the courses of material processing engineering.

Topics and Schedule

1       Introduction of material forming   

The general situation, function, characteristics and development trend of material forming process are summarized.

2       Theoretical basis of plastic forming

2.1      Brief introduction of metal forming process

2.2      Basic hypothesis of metal plastic forming

2.3      Stress and strain space (geometric equation, constitutive equation, yield criterion)

2.4      Complex plastic forming process

3       Connection forming of metal

3.1      Physical basis of welding arc

3.2      Microstructure and properties of welding

3.3      Selection of welding methods (resistance welding, submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding, etc.)

3.4      Design of welding process for metal components

4       Shaping of Liquid Metal

4.1      Solidification and phase transformation of pure metals

4.2      Solidification and phase transformation of two element alloy

4.3      Microstructure of solidification

4.4      Flow behavior of different scale

4.5      Continuous casting and die casting

4.6      Special casting

4.7      Effect of external field on solidification process

4.8      3D printing technology


Xia Ju, et al.Material forming process, second edition,Mechanic industry Press, 2010


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