Phase Diagrams and Phase Structure

Course Code: B52005H

Course Name: PhaseDiagramsandPhaseStructure

Credits: 2.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Fundamentals of Materials Science,Mechanics of Materials

Lecture Time: 60 hours


Course Description

The thermodynamic principles of phase equilibrium and phase transition are the basis for understanding and designing the material properties,the key is on the nature of the phase diagram.Through the study of this course, students will understand the basic theory of thermodynamics, master the new development of the phase diagram analysis method and measurement technology, and lay the necessary foundation to engage in scientific research in the future.

Topics and Schedule

1       Basic concept

1.1      Phase and phase equilibrium

1.2      Phase structures in solids

1.3      Phase transitions and classification

2       Single component phase diagram and solidification of pure crystals

2.1      Phase rule and phase equilibrium conditions

2.2      Liquid structure, cooling curve

2.3      Pure metal crystallization conditions

3       Binary phase diagram and solidification of its alloy

3.1      The conditions of phase equilibrium, the application of the phase rule

3.2      Lever law and its application

3.3      Crystallization and nucleation conditions of solid solution alloys

3.4      Types of phase diagram

4       Phase change kinetics

4.1      Summary

4.2      Phase transformation process

4.3      Phase change kinetics

5       Ternary phase diagrams

5.1      Basis of ternary phase diagrams

5.2      Types of ternary phase diagrams

6       Method for determination of phase diagram

6.1      Summary

6.2      Classification of determination methods


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