Building Fiber Spectrograph

Building Fiber Spectrograph

Course Code:

Course Name: Building Fiber Spectrograph

Credits: 3.0

Level: postgraduate

Pre-requisite: Fundamental astronomy, Observational astrophysics

Lecture Time: 40 periods

Course Description

The students will carry out the design and installation of an optical fiber spectrograph by themselves through the course. With the optical fiber spectrograph, they can observe the solar active region and the lunar surface. The purpose of the course is to make the students familiar with the astronomical technology and establish the relationship between the astronomical theory, observation and the corresponding technology so as to cultivate the student’s ability comprehensively.


  1. Structure and principle of the optical fiber spectrometer (4 periods)
  2. Set up the optical system and finish its adjustment (6 periods)
  3. Fiber bundle fabrication and testing(4 periods)
  4. Spectrometer setup and adjustment (8 periods)
  5. The adjustment of CCD and training of the data collecting software (4 periods)
  6. Switching the fiber spectrograph to the solar telescope and finishing the adjustment (6 periods)
  7. Obtaining the two-dimensional spectrum of the solar active regions and analyzing its spectral parameters (4 periods)
  8. Finishing the course report and the final exam (4 periods)


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