Design and Implementation of Radio Telescope (Building a Radio Telescope)

Design and Implementation of Radio Telescope (Building a Radio Telescope)

Course Code:

Course Name: Design and Implementation of Radio Telescope

Credits: 3.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: University Physics, Electromagnetics, Basic Astronomy, and Measured Astrophysics

Lecture Time: 17 weeks, 3 sessions/week, 1hour/session , 50 hours

Instructors: Null

Course Description

This course enables students to familiarize themselves with astronomical techniques and establish the connection between astronomy theory, observation and technology by making the 4.5-meter single antenna radio telescope design, hands-on installation and commissioning, then using the radio telescope to observe solar radio bursts and the Galactic center.

Topics and Schedule

1. Structure and principle of radio telescope (4 hours)

2. Frequency spectrum and site selection for radio telescope (6 hours)

3. Radio telescope antenna design and testing (6 hours)

4. Radio telescope Feed simulation design and testing (8 hours)

5. Radio telescope receiver and frontend design and testing (8 hours)

6. Radio Telescope digital backend design and testing (6 hours)

7. Overall assembly and commissioning of radio telescope (4 hours)

8. Observing solar radiation and Galactic Center signals (4 hours)

9. Complete the course report and test (4 hours)

Teaching means and methods:

Classroom teaching plus Radio Laboratory experiments.


The grades include homework (20%), experiment and investigation (50%), final examination (30%).


Self-edited handout