Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing

Course Code: B82011Y

Course Name: Digital Signal Processing

Credits: 3.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Mathematics, linear algebra, Signals and systems

Lecture Time: 60 hours


Course Description

This is a course on digital signal processing techniques and their applications. Topics include: review of DSP fundamentals; discrete-time random signals; sampling and mufti-rate systems; oversampling and quantization in A-to-D conversion; properties of LTI systems; linear phase and minimum phase systems; digital filter structures; digital filtering; recursive and non recursive filters; allpass filters and applications; quantization in fixed-point implementations of filters; digital filter design; discrete Fourier Transform and FFT; spectrum analysis using the DFT; and parametric signal modeling. Nyquist and sub-Nyquist sampling; elements of multrirate signal processing; reconstruction of sparsely sampled signals; statistical signal processing and sensor array signal processing; applications in various areas. The course will also discuss applications of DSP in areas such as speech and audio processing, autonomous vehicles, and software radio.

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