Electronic System Design

Electronic System Design

Course Code: B82008Y

Course Name: Electronic System Design

Credits: 2.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Fundamentals of electric circuits, Linear electronic circuits

Lecture Time: 40 hours


Course Description

Analysis and design of analog circuits at the transistor level. Emphasis on design-oriented analysis, quantitative performance measures, and practical circuit limitations. Circuit performance evaluated by hand calculations and computer simulations. Topics include: review of physics of bipolar and MOS transistors, low-frequency behavior of single-stage and multistage amplifiers, current sources, active loads, differential amplifiers, operational amplifiers, high-frequency circuit analysis using time- and transfer constants, high-frequency response of amplifiers, feedback in electronic circuits, stability of feedback amplifiers, and noise in electronic circuits, and supply and temperature independent biasing. The design process is learned through proposing, designing, simulating, building, debugging, and demonstrating a substantial and novel team project.

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