Experiments on Linear Electronic Circuits

Experiments on Linear Electronic Circuits

Course Code: B82005Y

Course Name: Experiments on Linear Electronic Circuits

Credits: 1.0

Level: Undergraduate   

Lecture Time: 10 sessions, 4 hours/session

Pre-requisite: Linear Electronic Circuits

Course Description

This course is the professional basic course for the electronics and communications major. The Aim of the course is to deepen the understanding of Linear Electronic Circuits, to master analog circuit design, installation and debugging methods. Though a series of experiments, students can use basic electronic measuring instruments skillfully, grasp the common electronic components’ parameters, characteristics, test methods and usage.

Topics and Schedule

1 The Use of Basic Electronic Instrument and Simple Diode Circuit

1.1 The use of DMM, Digital Oscilloscope and DDS signal generator

       1.2 Diode Half Wave Rectifier

       1.3 Diode Clamp Circuit

       1.4 Measure Trr of Common Diode (Select to do)

       1.5 Measure Diode RF Detection Circuit (Select to do);

2 Basic Bipolar Transistor Circuit

       1.1 Build Single transistor Common Emitter Amplifier Circuit,

       1.2 Measure Common Collector and Common Base Amplifier Circuit

       1.3 Measure Transistor Switch Waveform (Select to do);

3 IC Power Amplifier

       3.1 Build and Test Class AB IC Power Amplifier

       3.2 Test Class D Power Amplifier

       3.3 Thermal Resistance and Measurement (Select to do).

4 Regulated Power Supply

       4.1 Linear 3-Terminal Regulators Circuit

       4.2 basic Buck Switching Mode PS (Select to do).

       4.3 Passive Component Test, the Use of LCR Bridge

5 FET Transistor Circuit

       5.1 Basic FET Amplifier Circuit

       5.2 Basic FET Switching Circuit    

5.3 FET Variable resistor Character and its Application (Select to do)

6 Active Filter

       6.1 LPF Filter

       6.2 HPF,BPF or BSF Filter (Select to do)

7 Precision Rectifier and RMS Convertor

       7.1 Precision Rectifier

       7.2 AD737 True RMS ACDC Converter Circuit

       7.3 Peak Detector (Select to do)

8 Parameter Test of Op Amps

       1 Measure Bipolar Op Amp uA741 (Vos, Ib, CMRR ,SR etc)

       2 Measure Precision Op Amp OP07 (Select to do)

       3 Measure CMOS Rail to Rail Op Amp

9 Low Frequency Oscillator

       9.1 Design Low Distortion Wein Bridge Sine Wave Generator

       9.2 Build Square and Ramp Wave Generator (Select to do)

       9.3 Digital IC RC Oscillator (Select to do)

10 Comparator

       10.1 Measure Comparator Delay Time

       10.2 Measure Comparator with Hysteresis

       10.3 Build A Voltage Monitoring Circuit

By permission of the teacher, students can change the topic of EXP9 and EXP10  


Chen lingxiao, Zhang xiaolei, Experiment of Electronic Circuit Measure and Design, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Press, 2015 (In Chinese)

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