Fundamentals of Microwave Technology

Fundamentals of Microwave Technology

Course Code: B83003Y

Course Name: Fundamentals of Microwave Technology

Credits: 4.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave

Lecture Time: 80 hours


Course Description

Introduction to the vector analysis, the mathematical foundation for field and the wave; the basic theory of the electromagnetic field; wave solutions to Maxwell's equations in the groups TEM, TE and TM; the plane magnetic wave propagation characteristics in different medium; description about transmission lines both from a field point of view and by means of a circuit model; mode and transmission characteristics of rectangular waveguide, circular waveguide and coaxial line; Smith chart; the calculation method of transmission line problems and chart; the concepts local impedance, local reflection coefficient and standing wave ratio; the concepts N-port network, reciprocity, impedance matrix, scattering matrix and transmission matrix; principle and application of microwave components; resonance frequencies and Q-value for rectangular and circular cylindrical cavities and for open- or short-circuited transmission line resonators.

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