Nonlinear electronic circuits

Nonlinear electronic circuits

Course Code: B82009Y

Course Name: Nonlinear electronic circuits

Credits: 3.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Fundamentals of electric circuits, Linear electronic circuits

Lecture Time: 60 hours


Course Description

This course introduces basic nonlinear operations including multipliers, modulators, mixers, logarithmic amplifiers, rms-to-dc converters, logarithmic circuits, antilog circuits, controlled switches, comparators, and other translinear circuits. Then some applications of nonlinear devices, such as function fitting, time-function generation, instruments and data acquisition, simply signal processing (including automatic gain control, compression and expansion, modulation and demodulation, phase-lock loops, et al), and computing and control, will be introduced. At last, high-frequency filter design and some relative typical problems including impedance matching, transmission line matching and power amplifier design are focused on.

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