Theory of Electrical Engineering

Theory of Electrical Engineering

Course Code: B83007Y

Course Name: Theory of Electrical Engineering

Credits: 1.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Linear electronic circuits, Nonlinear electronic circuits, Digital Logic Circuit

Lecture Time: 20 hours


Course Description

Introduction of a foundation in basic circuit theory and analysis, power in circuits, and analog electronics. Theories and concepts presented in the course are illustrated through lectures, practical applications, and laboratory work. Topics include different types of systems & networks: continuous & Discrete, Fixed and Time varying, Linear and Non-linear, Lumped and distributed, Passive & Active Networks & Systems Laplace transform of impulse and sinusoidal steps waveforms for RL, RC, LC and RLC Circuits; transient analysis of different electrical circuits with and without initial conditions; Fourier Series and Fourier Transform Network theorems and their applications in circuit analysis; formulation of network equations; source transformations; loop variable analysis and node variable analysis Graph of network; concept of tree branch; tree link; incidence matrix; tie-set matrix and loop currents; cut set matrix and node pair potentials.

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