The Introduction of Environmental Science

Course code: B92001Y

Target students: Undergraduates majoring in resources and environmental science

Period: 60 hours

Course credit: 3

Courses attributes: Professional courses

Leading teachers: Wang Yawei and Shi Jianbo

Teaching objectives: The course is one of the specialty basic courses in Environmental Science undergraduate education. Taking "environment" as the main line, the course will discuss the development of theory and method in environmental field. The course will highlight the basic concept and knowledge, and introduce the latest progress about scientific and technological methods ofEnvironmental Science. The course seeks to make the students understand the comprehensiveness and complexity of Environmental Science, and aims to lay the foundation for cultivating interdisciplinary high-disciplinary graduates.

Educational Materials:

Introduction to Environmental Science (Version 2) By Yang Zhifeng. Beijing: Higher Education Press

Reference books:

Introduction to Environmental Science By Mo Xiangyin. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press

Introduction to Environmental Science (Version 2) By Zhu Lusheng. Beijing: China Agriculture Press

Course content:

1. Introduction

1.1 Environmental concepts

1.2 Environmental science and its development.

1.3 Ideas and methods of environmental science

1.4 Learning objectives

2. Environment and environmental issues

2.1 Natural environment

2.2 Artificial environment

2.3 Human activities and environmental issues

2.4 Global environmental change

3. Foundation of environmental science theory

3.1 Environmental ethics

3.2 Environmental geology and ecology

3.3 Environmental physics

3.4 Environmental chemistry

3.5 Environmental economics

4. Environmental technology and methods

4.1 Environmental monitoring

4.2 Environmental assessment

4.3 Environmental planning

4.4 Environmental pollution control

5. Multi-media environment pollution and its control

5.1 Soil pollution and its characteristics

5.2 Transfer of major pollutants in soil

5.3 Remediation of soil pollution

6. Physical pollution and environment.

6.1 Noise pollution and its control

6.2 Electromagnetic pollution and its control

6.3 Radioactive contamination and its control

6.4 Light pollution and its control

7. Environmental management

7.1 Overview of environmental management

7.2 Environmental management system

7.3 Urban and environmental planning

7.4 Environmental economic issues

7.5 Environmental law