Principles of Chemical Engineering

Credit hours: 40; Credit: 2


Prof. Changwei Zhao (, 15210835956)

Prof. Zhongwei Ding (, 15611528009)

Teaching Goal:

This is a fundamental course of principles of chemical engineering for undergraduate students in the College of Resources and Environment. The content is divided into three parts: the environmental engineering principle, separation process principle and reaction engineering principle. Through the course study, the students are expected to learn the fundamental principles and methods of unit operations of chemical engineering and understand the applications of chemical technologies in environmental treatment.

Pre-required Courses:


Course Contents and Credit Hour Allocation:

Totally 40 credit hours (CHs), including midterm and final written exams (each 2 CHs).

1. Introduction (4 CHs)

1.1 Pollution Control Technology System

1.2 Basic Types of Pollution Control Technology Principles

2. Materials and Energy Balances (2 CHs)

2.1 Ordinary Physical Quantities

2.2 Mass Balance

2.3 Energy Balance

3. Mass Transfer Theory and Equipment (2 CHs)

3.1 Mass Transfer and Mass Transfer Separation

3.2 In-Phase Mass Transfer

3.3 Basic Knowledge of Phase Equilibrium

4. Extract (4 CHs)

4.1 Extract Summary

4.2 Liquid and Liquid Equilibrium of Partially Miscible System

4.3 Extract Apparatus

4.4 The Solution of Extract Problem

5. Distillation (2 CHs)

5.1 Distillation Principle and Basic Equations

5.2 Distillation Operating Problem

5.3 Azeotropic Distillation and Extraction Distillation

6. Absorption (4 CHs)

6.1 Definition and Classification of Absorption

6.2 Physical Absorption

6.3 Chemical Absorption

6.4 Desorption Solution

Midterm Exam (2 CHs)

7. Adsorption (4 CHs)

7.1 Classification and Application of Adsorption Separation Operation

7.2 Adsorbent

7.3 Adsorption Equilibrium

7.4 Adsorption Kinetics

7.5 Adsorption Process and Breakthrough Curve

8. Membrane Separation (8 CHs)

8.1 Overview of Membrane Separation Technology

8.2 Transfer Process of Membrane Separation

8.3 Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF)

8.4 Electrodialysis (ED)

8.5 Forward Osmosis (FO)

9. Reaction kinetics (4 CHs)

9.1 Reaction Stoichiometric Relation

9.2 Reaction Kinetics Calculation

9.3 Reaction Kinetics Analytic Method

10. Reactor (2 CHs)

10.1 Classification of Reactor

10.2 Homogeneous Reactor

10.3 Heterogeneous Reactor

10.4 Microreactor

Final Exam (2 CHs)

Teaching MethodClassroom Teaching

Examination MethodOpen Book

Scoring MethodHomework (20%) + Midterm Exam (30%) + Final Exam (50%)


Hongying Hu, Principle of Environmental Engineering (3th Edition), Higher Education Press, 2015, ISBN 9787040433647.

Reference Book:

Tianen Tan, Principle of Chemical Industry (4rd Edition), Chemical Industry Press, 2013, ISBN 9787122163615.