Basic Experiments on Environmental Engineering

Course Code:

Course Name: Basic Experiments on Environmental Engineering

Credits: 2.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Principles of Chemistry

Lecture Time: 40 hours/session

Instructors: Li Lin, Wang Donghong

Course Description

This course is an experimental course in line with the theoretical basis of the course of “Foundation of environmental engineering”. The main contents of this course are basic knowledge of environmental engineering experiment, environmental monitoring experiment and water pollution control engineering experiment.

Through the observation, operation and analysis of the experiment, students can deepen their understanding of the basic concepts and basic principles of specialized courses, master the general professional experimental skills and the use of instruments and equipment, and know well the basic methods of the analysis and processing of experimental data, so as to cultivate students' ability to analyze and solve problems, as well as scientific and practical spirit and innovative spirit.

Topics and Schedule

1. Series experiments on water quality monitoring (20 hrs)

1.1 Nitrate nitrogen and total nitrogen determination

1.2 COD, BOD and TOC in sewage analysis

1.3 Suspended matter determination

1.4 Acidity and alkalinity determination

1.5 The determination of benzene series by gas chromatography

2. Water pollution control engineering experiment (20 hrs)

2.1. Coagulation experiment

2.2. Free precipitation experiment

2.3. Properties of activated sludge measurement

2.4 Bioaerosols collection and analysis

2.5 Morphological observation of microbial community in activated sludge


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