Fundamentals for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Course Code:

Course Name: Fundamentals for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Credits: 3.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Water Microbiology, Hydraulics, Pump and Pump Station

Lecture Time: 60 hours/session

Instructors: ZHANG Tao, YU Wenzheng

Course Description

This course will give comprehensive knowledge on principals, techniques and processes of water and wastewater treatment within 60 hours of learning. It will be composed by three sections, i.e. municipal drinking water treatment, municipal wastewater treatment, and industrial wastewater treatment.

Topics and Schedule

Section 1 Municipal drinking water treatment

Chapter 1 Water quality and drinking water standards

Chapter 2 Coagulation and flocculation

Chapter 3 Sedimentation

Chapter 4 Sand filtration

Chapter 5 Disinfection

Chapter 6 Municipal water treatment plant design

Chapter 7 Removal of iron and manganese from groundwater

Chapter 8 Ion exchange

Chapter 9 Membrane filtration

Chapter 10 Corrosion and scaling

Section 2 Municipal wastewater treatment

Chapter 1 Wastewater quality and environmental standards

Chapter 2 Water pollution

Chapter 3 Physical treatment processes

Chapter 4 Biological treatment processes I—Activated sludge

Chapter 5 Biological treatment processes II—Biofilm

Chapter 6 Biological treatment III—Stabilization pond and land treatment

Chapter 7 Advanced treatment and reuse

Chapter 8 Treatment of sludge

Chapter 9 Municipal wastewater treatment plant design

Section 3 Industrial wastewater treatment

Chapter 1 Introduction to industrial wastewater

Chapter 2 Physical treatment processes

Chapter 3 Chemical treatment processes

Chapter 4 Physical-chemical combined treatment processes

Chapter 5 Biological treatment processes

Lectured by Prof. Tao Zhang and Prof. Wenzheng Yu