China Geography

Course Name: China Geography

Credits: 3.0

Level: Undergraduate

Pre-requisite: Physical geography, Human geography, Economic geography

Lecture Time: 60

Instructors: Prof. Fengjun Jin, Prof. Jiaoe Wang

Course Description: including physical and economic geographic elements and patterns

China geography is an essential course for students majoring in geography. The course is designed to teach by lectures and discussions together, and students will:

  1. Learn physical geographic elements and their distributions in China;
  2. Acquire economic geographic elements and their patterns in China;

3) Obtain basic skills of analyzing regional development characteristics and problems in China.

Students will be graded depending on following principles:

1) Students should be familiar with contents of physical and economic geographic patterns in China if they want to pass the exam.

2) If students know how to explain China’s economic pattern from the geographic background, they will be conferred as Good.

3) If students know how to identify and analyze issues in regional development with physical and economic geographic elements and concepts comprehensively, they will be awarded as Excellent.


  1. Introduction
  2. China’s Geographic location and feature
    1. 1Geographic location and significance
    2. 2China’s territory and geographic feature
  3. China’s physical geography
    1. 1Geotectonics and landform structure
    2. 2Monsoon climate and hydrothermal structure
    3. 3Land cover and physical zone
    4. 4Physical geographic zoning
    5. 5Natural resources usage
    6. 6Natural disasters
  4. China’s human geography
    1. 1Administrative division
    2. 2Population and nationality
    3. 3Urbanization and geographic features
    4. 4Distribution of energy and mineral resources
    5. 5Industrialization and geographic features
    6. 6Infrastructure Development and geographic features
  5. Regional geography-1
  6. China’s marine geography and protection
    1. 1Marine territory and geographic features
    2. 2Coastal development and protection
  7. China’s river basin geography and protection
    1. 1Important river basin and geographic features
    2. 2Development and protection of river basin
    3. 3Discussion: Development and protection of the Yangtze River
  8. China’s key geographic project
    1. 1Brief introduction of geographic project
    2. 2China’s key geographic projects
  9. Ecological development and spatial governance
    1. 1Regional sustainable development and ecological development
    2. 2Regional development strategy and governance mode in China
  10. Regional geography-2 (discussion)
  11. Questions and final exam
    1. 1Questions
    2. 2Final exam


Class attendance counts for 10% of the total scores, homework counts for 40%, and the final closed examination counts for the rest 50%.


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