Changjiang Scholars Program

 Eligibility for Distinguished Professors

A doctoral degree is generally required, with applicants having been actively engaged in research and classroom instruction. Overseas applicants need to be associate professors, or the equivalent, at distinguished international universities. Applicants from mainland China need to be full professors, or the equivalent.For those working in the natural sciences and in the engineering sciences, there is an age limit of 45 years old. For those working in the humanities and social sciences, there is an age limit of 55 years old.Applicants are expected to be capable of teaching core courses in their research field and have internationally recognized academic achievements. Applicants are also expected to have the potential for academic development with creative strategic thinking, capable of leading their research team at the cutting edge of their field. They're also expected to emphasize coordination, solidarity and dedication in all aspects of their academic and managerial activities.Distinguished professor positions are full-time. After signing a 5-year employment contract, applicants will begin full-time work within one year. Each distinguished professor will receive a RMB ¥200,000 allowance from the Chinese central government.

Eligibility for Visiting Professors

Applicants must be actively engaged in doing research and classroom instruction at a distinguished international university, as a full professor, or equivalent. Applicants are expected to have internationally recognized academic achievements. Selected applicants will work no less than two months each year at UCAS. They will begin work at UCAS within one year after signing a 3-year employment contract. Visiting professors will receive a RMB ¥30,000 allowance monthly based on their actual working time at UCAS.


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