Advance Notification of Absence

1. 留学生因病请假,须凭医院证明。一般不得请事假。如确需请假,经提供有关证明,酌情准假。

Health leaves exceeding three days must be supported by official medical explanation. Personal leaves of any length are seldom approved. Only those personal leaves based on substantial documentary evidence will be considered.


Any leave of three days or less much be approved by the International Student Teaching Affairs Manager. Leaves from 4 to 7 days much be approved by the institute/college administration. Leaves exceeding one week must be approved by the UCAS administration.

3. 病假超过两个月者,必须办理休学手续。一学期内事假累计超过一个月者,做退学处理。

Health leave exceeding sixty days will result in suspension of enrollment. An accumulated total of more than thirty days of personal leave will result in termination of enrollment.


Please apply for absence with the attached application form.

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