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A NEW LETTER TO ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Dear students:

Hope this email finds all of you very well.

The new virus COVID-19 spreads increasingly worldwide. WHO has characterized it as a pandemic. Although significant progress has been made in China, new cases have been confirmed in Beijing and other parts of China in the passing days. The risk of epidemic reversal remains high. The Chinese government is fighting harder to contain this new virus and imposes strict international travel restrictions. All UCASers including you stand united and do the utmost to prevent the epidemic from entering our campus.

At this extraordinary moment, please take good care of both yourselves and your beloved ones. Whether you are in or out of China, your wellbeing is the university's greatest concern. We strongly suggest you temporarily stop personnel mobility so as to minimize the risk of infection and be in accordance with the requirements of local government authority. Please be kindly informed again the following items:

  1. The university NOT open yet.

The specific date for the open of new semester depends on the status of the epidemic. You will be informed immediately when it is decided.

  1. For students who are now outside China, please DO NOT return to China until receiving information from UCAS on the start of the spring semester.

Any student who violates the regulation and entries China without the university permission will be subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Please keep contact with us and pay attention to the Chinese government epidemic prevention and control policy.

The epidemic situation is changing daily. With overall consideration of the epidemic situation both in China and worldwide, the Chinese Government may adjust her policy to prevent and control the epidemic. For example, a new policy was released recently that, all people entering Beijing from overseas should be put on 14-day quarantine at designated facilities and bear the expenses incurred (about 550 RMB per day) by themselves. Please keep contact with us. Should there be any questions, please contact with International Students Office of UCAS or your host institutes.

Let's work hard together to fight against the pandemic. Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

International Students Office

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences