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Notice on Matters Related to the Winter Vacation for 2020-2021 Academic Year - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Notice on Matters Related to the Winter Vacation for 2020-2021 Academic Year

  1. You are required to strictly observe the rules and regulations on the epidemic prevention and control of your host institute and the city where you are. Please take protective measures and avoid unnecessary outing and gathering. When going out, please take enough anti-epidemic items with you, wear masks throughout the time and keep social distancing.
  2. You are required to maintain contact with your host institute to ensure a clear and effective communication of information. Report your health status and location information truthfully and daily as required. Cooperate with your host institutes for epidemic-related investigation. If you live off campus, please report both to your communities (streets) and host institutes in case of any unusual circumstances.
  3. Please pay close attention to your health condition. Once symptoms such as fever, dry cough and changes in smell and taste develop, you should take immediate protective measures such as wearing masks, report to your colleges or research institutes in the first place and seek timely medical treatment.
  4. For students in China, do not gather, do not leave the city where you are or go to medium-risk and high-risk areas unless necessary. If it is really necessary, please report to your host institutes in advance. Before leaving, please clear up your dormitory, shut the doors and windows, and turn off the power and water supply. Please keep your valuables in a safe place.
  5. If you stay at Yanqihu Campus, Zhongguancun Campus and Yuquanlu Campus during the winter vacation, please do not leave the campus unless necessary, do not visit other dormitories, do not gather and accommodate the outsider. Inside the dormitory building, please avoid gathering, and do not go to other floors or rooms. Besides, please practice good personal hygiene, wear mask on campus, wash your hands frequently, ventilate often, and avoid gathering. It is advisable to bring your own tableware when eating in the canteen. It is strictly prohibited to cook in the dormitory and use high-power electrical appliances. Do not set off fireworks and firecrackers during times or in areas where setting off fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited.
  6. Pay attention to your personal safety, traffic safety, financial security and food safety during the holiday, and do not take vehicle without operating license. It is important to enhance your awareness and response ability to protect yourself from fraudulent conduct such as pyramid scheme, telecom fraud and network fraud.
  7. When the spring semester starts, students will return to campuses on different schedules, and the campuses here specifically means Yuquanlu Campus, Zhongguancun Campus and Yanqihu Lake Campus. The specific plan for students to return to the dormitories of different host institutes in Beijing will be formulated by the institutes based on the arrangements of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS).

Students who are now in China and plan to take courses at International College in the spring semester should return to the campus on March 5th and 7th, 2021. School bus will go from Yuquanlu Campus to Yanqihu Campus one way between 7:00 and 18:00 every day without reservation. Students’ family members are not allowed to enter the campus and take school bus.

For students who return from low-risk areas outside Beijing, you need to provide the proof of negative nucleic acid test results within 3 days and the green health QR code in “Beijing Health Kit” - a mini-program in Wechat or Alipay, submit an application through the “Students Journey Management System” in Wechat, and return to school on time after being approved by your host institute.

For the students who live in high-risk areas for some reason during the winter vacation, or those who live together with confirmed cases, suspected cases, asymptomatic infected persons or close contacts of novel coronavirus, shall promptly and truthfully report to your host institutes, postpone your return to school, and return to the campus when epidemic situation improves as required by the university.

When returning to the campus, please bring your own personal protection items such as masks, thermometers, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. You should wear a mask throughout the return trip and drink and eat when it is safe to do so. Minimize transfers and try to avoid public transportation if you can take a private car.

Before entering into the campus, you are required to truthfully report your health conditions to your host institutes. If you or your family members have symptoms such as fever or cough, you should seek medical treatment in time and postpone your return to the campus.

If you cannot return to the campus on the required date, you should report to your host institutes or ask for leave in advance.

  1. The Qiming Light psychological assistance hotline of the psychological center of UCAS operates normally during the winter holiday at 4006525580 (24 hours).
  2. You will be notified if the epidemic situation change or the epidemic prevention and control requirements and measures change.