Notice for Preliminary Rounds of the Third Contest of Recitation, Writing and Speech of Chinese Classics Hosted by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission

All the Faculty and Students:

In order to implement the Opinions on Implementation of the Inheritance and Development Projects of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council and the spirit of the National Education Conference and the National Language and Writing Conference, the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission decided to hold the Third Contest of Recitation, Writing and Speech of Chinese Classics in accordance with the Review, Evaluation and Competition List of the Ministry of Education. As required in the notices of Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Language Commission on holding the 2021 Beijing recitation project of Chinese classics, and the preliminary rounds of the Third Contest of Recitation, Writing and Speech of Chinese Classics in Beijing hosted by the Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission, UCAS has established an organizing committee to organize the participation of the faculty and students of the institution in the contest, and the notice is issued as follows:

I. The Theme of the Contest

Themed on “Inheriting Chinese Classics and Celebrating the Centenary of CPC”, the Contest aims to celebrate the centenary of CPC, extol its glorious history over the past century and display remarkable achievements that have attracted worldwide attention through reciting Chinese classics, interpreting Chinese poetry, writing Chinese characters and carving Chinese seals, and it is also designed to advocate values of loving the standard spoken and written Chinese language and excellent Chinese language culture so as to empower culturally our endeavor to embark on a journey of building China into a modern socialist country.

II. The Organization Structure

The Organizing Committee of UCAS consists of the Library, Publicity Department of UCAS Committee of CPC, Communist Youth League Committee of UCAS, Undergraduate Education Department, Arts Center, Retirement and Retirees Management Office.

III. The Participants of the Contest

All the faculty and students of UCAS in Beijing.

IV. The Arrangement of Time

The deadline for submission of application: May 26, 2021.

The internal evaluation date: A site evaluation of the participants will be held in the Yanqihu Campus of UCAS in late June and the specific date will be separately notified later on.

V. The Composition of Prizes

This round of events includes four activities: The Contest of “Reciting Chinese Classics”, The Contest of “Teaching Chinese Poems”, The Contest of “Writing Chinese Calligraphy”, and The Contest of “Carving Chinese Seals” (by Faculty and Students). For the activities of each contest, one first prize, one second prize, one third prize, and several awards of merit are prepared for the winners, as well as several excellence awards for the organizers and instructors. Certificates of awards shall be issued by the Organizing Committee of this Event.

VI. The Categories of the Contest

(1) The Contest of “Reciting Chinese Classics”

The qualification trials for the Contest of “Reciting Chinese Classics” in the Third Contest of Recitation, Writing and Speech of Chinese Classics will take place in the UCAS and the final entries will be recommended by the Organizing Committee to participate in the Beijing final contest. Lastly, the winning works will be recommended to participate in the national semi-final and the final.

   a. Requirements for the Works

The works should be themed on promoting Chinese classics and celebrating the centenary of CPC, including the classic poems and texts from the ancient time to the modern time of China, which should have significant social impacts and can represent the splendid traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary culture and advanced culture of the socialism.

The selected contemporary works should have been officially published or released by the mainstream media.

Team performance of the works is encouraged and such supplementary means as music, clothing and chanting can be employed to display the content of performance.

The content should be healthy, positive and unique, showcasing the talents of the contestants and reflecting the main themes, the excellent spirit and holistic quality among the faculty and students of the UCAS.

   b. The Groups of Participants

This Contest includes three groups: college students (including the postgraduates), international students and the faculty. Both individuals and teams can participate in the Contest. Teams should be composed of at least two persons and there is no upper limit. Participants cannot be changed during the contest and each team should sign up in the identity of the first participant.

   c. The Means of Application and Evaluation

The applicants can write to for the application form, fill in it and send it to the email address. The form should be named in the format below: the research institution/name-Application Form for the Recitation Contest

The Organizing Committee will select excellent works on-site and send them to the Beijing Organizing Committee. The time of evaluation will be notified separately.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the activity can join the QQ group 1051384780 for more information.

(2) Other Contests

For the Contest of “Teaching Chinese Poems”, The Contest of “Writing Chinese Calligraphy”, and The Contest of “Carving Chinese Seals (by the Faculty and Students)”, there will be no school-level selections. Participants can sign up and participate in the contest by themselves.

VII. Relevant Notes

  1. This Contest is jointly organized by the Library, the Publicity Department of the UCAS Committee of CPC, the Communist Youth League Committee of UCAS, the Undergraduate Education Department, Arts Center and the Retirement and Retirees Management Office and the Organizing Committee of UCAS has been set up to organize the Contest.
  2. Participants shall submit their original works and in case of any disputes over the copyright incurred by plagiarism, the person responsible shall undertake corresponding legal liabilities.
  3. The works submitted shall be newly created in 2021. If a work which has been submitted for previous contests is re-submitted in this Contest, the contributor will be disqualified in this Contest and other similar competitions and activities for three consecutive years.
  4. The sponsor reserves all the rights for the final explanation of this Contest.
  5. Contacts: Ms. Liu and Ms. Zou

Phone: 010-69671939 or 010-69671941


The Library of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

May 15, 2021