ANSO Online Open Conference & The Third International Science Forum on the Belt and Road Initiative Session 4: Fundamental Science and Higher Education

To meet the political and societal demands, performers and funders of basic research and fundamental science at universities are facing the challenge of incorporating innovation perspectives into their core activities. Although fundamental science and basic research are not only the basis of stimulating major technological innovation, but also essential for training future professionals and strengthening knowledge societies, the R&D funding structure appears to be increasingly inclined to support the applied sciences. How to foster the regime of fundamental and applied sciences to create an integrated research and education system serving for technological innovation becomes important tasks for policy makers of education and science.

This workshop aims to discuss how to adopt innovation perspectives into higher education systems with special attention to the challenges of fundamental science in ANSO countries. We will focus on sharing the concerns, arguments and experiences from managers of universities, research groups and funding agencies by involving all participants in the debate.


27-28 May 2021

7:00 p.m. Beijing Time/GMT+8


DAY 1.

Theme: Changing and Challenging Science and Education Policy Landscape  

DAY 2. 

Theme: Fundamental Sciences at Universities – Hands-on Experiences and Challenging Practical Problems

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Editor: GAO Yuan