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Notice on the 2023 Winter Vacation and Spring Semester - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Notice on the 2023 Winter Vacation and Spring Semester


The winter vacation of 2023 has already begun, and the traditional Chinese festival Spring Festival is coming. We wish you all a wonderful Spring Festival holiday. The relevant matters related to winter vacation and spring semester are hereby notified as follows:

. Arrangements for holidays and returning to school

  1. Students in China
  2. Centralized study students: After the end of the autumn semester courses, the holiday will start. They will start to return to school on February 16, 2023, and the spring semester courses will start on February 20, 2023.
  3. Non-centralized study students: the winter vacation time and the time to return to school are determined by each host institute. Please contact your host institute for relevant information.
  4. Students Abroad

From January 8, 2023, the processing of short-term visas and long-term visas for international students will return to the pre-epidemic practice. Veteran students are no longer required to provide proof of returning to school. Nucleic acid testing and port quarantine are canceled. Please make arrangements to return to school and return to institutes as soon as possible according to your actual situation. Please be sure to contact the tutor and host institute before coming to China, report the itinerary plan and obtain approval. It is recommended to avoid Chinese legal holidays such as the Spring Festival.

Relevant arrangements during the winter vacation

  1. Please do a good job of personal protection. When taking public transportation, you must wear an N95 mask or KN95 mask all the way, and do hand disinfection to avoid infection on the way as much as possible.
  2. For students who are currently in China, if you leave school during the winter vacation, please report your whereabouts to the host institute in time. The host institute may send staff to contact you to learn about your health status and needs in life and study. Please keep in close contact with your host institute.
  3. For those who still insist on doing scientific research in the laboratory during the winter vacation, please report your scientific research plan to the supervisor in advance so that the supervisor can make relevant arrangements to ensure your personal safety and the safety of scientific research experiments.
  4. For students who celebrate the Spring Festival in Yuquan Road, Yanqi Lake, and Zhongguancun campuses, the school will provide free canteen meals on New Year’s Eve and the first day of the New Year, as well as New Year’s gift bags.

. Relevant arrangements for the spring semester

  1. Please report conditions of basic diseases to your host institute if you infect covid-19, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary diabetes, chronic kidney disease, tumors, and immunodeficiency.
  2. If you have symptoms among 11 types such as fever during the process of returning to school or after returning to school, report to the host institute and go to a public hospital at the county level or above in time; finally, cooperate with the treatment according to the requirements of the hospital.
  3. If there is a large-scale cluster of epidemics during the process of returning to school, please adjust the return plan in time, minimize contact with others, and take personal protection at the same time. After the epidemic situation improves, we will arrange a return-to-school plan.

International Students Office, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

January 14th, 2023