Admissions and Degrees Department

Admissions Affairs

The admission affairs include organizing, supervising, and coordinating admission work for UCAS. The main responsibilities are: 
● to implement the Ministry of Education guidelines, policies and regulations on admission and formulate the necessary rules and administrative methods accordingly
● to formulate the annual enrolment plan for the CAS based on the enrolment quotas ratified by the Ministry of Education
● to provide admission information
● to formulate, print and distribute the CAS Course Catalogue
● to carry out enrollment and admission counseling
● to organize and coordinate the admission registration, setting of examination questions, examinations and marking of examination papers
● to specify basic requirements for annual admission, guide and coordinate admission among all institutes, review admission, approve exceptive admission and coordinate enrollment expansion and swap
● to coordinate, monitor and inspect the admission work, investigate and deal with problems occurred in enrollment and report major issues to higher authorities 
● to train the admission staff members and conduct related research on admissions 
● to contact colleges and universities admission offices in other provinces (metropolitan cities and autonomous regions)

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Degree Affairs

Degree affairs include affairs concerning graduate education and degree offering. The Degree Affairs Office has full-fledged management policies and an information management system to serve the entire faculty, students and degree receivers. It is a standing institution of the Degree Evaluation Committee, ensuring the quality of degree granting and graduate education of UCAS.

The Degree Affairs Office provide services in the following fields: educational process, degree verification, degree granting, degree authentication, supervisor record-keeping, quality control of discipline development, faculty training, fellowships and scholarships, awards for outstanding doctoral dissertations and teachers.

The Degree Affairs Office also put useful documents and regulations on its website for the faculty and students to download. Meanwhile, it accumulates and answers questions on degree granting and verification, which is also available on its website. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Degree Offering

Founded in 1978, UCAS was the first graduate school in China with the ratification of the State Council. UCAS graduated China's first doctoral student in science, first doctoral student in engineering, first female doctoral student and the first student with double doctoral degrees in China. By 2011, 90,548 graduate students had graduated from UCAS, many of whom have become prominent figures in the field of technology, education, economy and national defense in China.


By 2011, UCAS offers 54 programs in 11 major academic fields: law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, philosophy, economics, literature, education and management science. The university is authorized to grant PhD degrees in 39 primary academic disciplines in education, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and management science; and Master degrees in 53 primary academic disciplines in law, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, philosophy, economics, literature, education and management science. UCAS also offers Master and Doctor degrees in MBA, applied statistics, applied psychology, translation, agricultural extension, medicine, project management and engineering.

Quality Control Mechanism

UCAS keeps the right of granting degrees while giving the power of management to the schools and institutions. It hasAcademic Degree Evaluation Committees at the University (ADEC), discipline group and institutional level to ensure the quality of degree granting.

University ADEC, authorized by the Degree Committee under the State Council, leads the degree granting work of UCAS and supervises the work of Academic Degree Evaluation Committees at the discipline group and institutional level. Its members are executives of Academic Degree Evaluation Committees at the discipline group and institutional level. The Degree Office is the standing institution of ADEC.

There are 11 ADECs at the discipline group level: mathmatics, physics, chemistry, geoscience, life science, resource and environment, material science and electrooptical technology, Electronics and Communications engineering, computing and control engineering, management sciences, literature and social sciences. Under the guidence of the University ADEC, they are in charge of degree granting and graduates eduation of each individual discipline group. ADECs at the disciplinary group level provids membership to 184 scholars from 113 institutions, among which 24 are CAS members.

ADECs at the institutional level, set up by institutions, research centres, colleges, stations and schools affliated to the CAS, are authorized to offer master's and doctoral degrees. Under the guidence of the University ADEC and ADECs at the discipline group level, they are in charge of degree granting and graduates eduation of each individual institution.

Consulting education and degree affairs:

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