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Statistics & Facts - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Statistics & Facts, 2022

Name: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Founded in 1978

Predecessor: Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Undergraduate program(15)
First level discipline of doctoral degree authorization(49)
First level discipline of master degree authorization(57)
Professional degree program(16)
Postdoctoral program(99)


Training Units
UCAS schools & colleges(65)
CAS institutes(113)
Education base(5)
Labs   National labs(1)
National research centers(2)
State key labs(73)
CAS key labs(191)

 National engineering research centers(8)

 National engineering technology research centers(17)
 National engineering labs(14)


Total Graduate supervisor(12996)
Doctoral supervisors(8103)
Members of CAS(239)
Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering(39)



Current Students
Graduate students(59985) Doctoral candidate(30149)
Masters candidates(29836)
Undergraduate students (1660)  
International students(1957) Intl doctoral candidates(1292)
Intl masters candidates(636)
Advanced student(29)


Printed literature Books/periodicals(12.39 million)
Electronic literature Books(2.12 million)
Thesis(6.38 million)



Yuquanlu campus 118347.00m2 Olympic village campus  39786.00m2
Zhongguancun campus 68559.93m2 Yanqihu campus 3121382.72m2

(Data by 2022-12)