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English Courses - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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English Courses

Spring 2016

Courses Schools/Colleges
Statistics, Modelling and Global Change Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC)
Integrated Water Management and Legislation SDC
Magnetic Resonance Imaging SDC
Pattern Recognition and Predictive Modelling in Neuroscience SDC
Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Electroenephalography (EEG) SDC
Neurotransmission, Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, and Neuropharmacology SDC
Integrative Neuroimaging SDC
Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Project SDC
Central Techniques in Omics SDC
Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics SDC
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology SDC
Biostatics and Experimental Design SDC
Food Omics SDC
Personalized Track SDC
The Innovation Value Chain SDC
Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship SDC
Globalization and Innovation SDC
Business Models and Strategic Planning SDC
Innovation Project Work II SDC
Comparing Social Policies: Welfare States in Theoryt and Practice SDC
Social Innovation SDC
Individually Studied Subject SDC
Process Design - Principles and Methods SDC
Energy and Sustainability SDC
Green Chemical Engineering SDC
Green Challenge SDC
Summer School in Unit Operations SDC
Synthesis and Fabrication SDC
Nanoelectronics SDC
Bionanomaterials SDC
Business (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) SDC
NanoEnergyMaterials SDC
Research Ethics International College (IC)
Plant Ecology IC
Nano-biology IC
Molecular Entomology and Plant Pathology IC
Biochemistry IC
Conservation Biology IC
Cancer Nanotechnology IC
Experimental Course of Nano-testing Technology IC
Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Utilization IC
Nano Electronic Materials IC
Elementary Chinese-Reading and Writing IC
Elementary Chinese-Listening and Speaking IC
China Panorama IC
Scientific Writing IC

Fall 2015

Courses Schools/Colleges
Hydrology, Freshwater Ecology and Biogeochemistry Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research (SDC)
Pollutants and Pollution Control SDC
Basic Neuroscience SDC
Fundamental Biomedical Signal Processing SDC
Medical Imaging Techniques SDC
Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging SDC
Neuroimaging Hardware Design SDC
Advanced Molecular & Systems Neurobiology SDC
Animal Models in Neuroscience SDC
Omics Brush-up SDC
Analytical Biochemistry and Sample Preparation for Omics SDC
Introduction to Omics: Types of Omics and the Generic Workflow SDC
Interactions between Host Genomics, Metagenomics and the Immune System in Metabolic Disorders SDC
Contemporary Theory of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship SDC
Organizations and Management SDC
Methodology SDC
Innovation Project Work I SDC
Comparing Societies and Business Systems SDC
Government-Business Relations SDC
Organizations and Management SDC
Research Methodology SDC
Transport Processes SDC
Industrial BioReaction Engineering SDC
Industrial Reaction Engineering SDC
Biorefinery and Biofuels SDC
Technology, Economics, Management and Organization SDC
Laboratory Experiments SDC
Fluidization and Multiphase Flow SDC
Combustion and High Temperature Processes SDC
Progress in Research SDC
Unifying Concepts in Nanoscience SDC
Nanocharacterization SDC
Nanobiotechnology SDC
Molecular Biology and Genomics International College (IC)
Immunology and Biophysics IC
Developmental Biology IC
Climate Change, Environmental and Natural Resources Management IC
Earth System Science IC
Functional Nanostructure: Synthesis, Characterizations and Device Applications IC
Introduction of Metallurgical Engineering and Environmental Sciences IC
Physics of Plasmas IC
Overview of Recent Development of Physics IC
Data Mining IC
Input-output Analysis and Applied Statistics IC
Software Development Methodology IC
Pattern Recognition and Its Application IC
Elementary Chinese-Reading and Writing IC
Elementary Chinese-Listening and Speaking IC
China Panorama IC
Scientific Writing IC