Announcement of the Activity on Establishing Multicultural Exhibition Platform in IC-UCAS

1. Background

International College(IC) is an important platform for University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) in cultivating high level talents who possess international visions and innovative ability. The major objectives of IC-UCAS are teaching and training, teacher and faculty management, academic activities and academic exchanges, cooperative education between China and foreign countries, PhD qualification exam, series of frontier and interdisciplinary sciences schools, support the development of International Centre for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific (ICTP-AP) and The Center for Excellence in International Scientific -Education Integration.

IC-UCAS will be in accordance with the prospect of the UCAS, carry out scientific-education integration closely, promote science-education combination, collaborate innovation , cultivate high level talents with international vision and innovative, follow the national development strategy "The Belt and Road" from scientific and culture perspectives, and aim to build up an multi-culture environment where culture differences are respected, equally coexisted, as well as a multicultural environment which different cultures, life styles, thought patterns, education concept and comprehensive knowledge will be able to exchange and integrate harmoniously.

To enrich the resources of multi-culture platform, IC warmly welcome professors and administrative staffs from Institutes of CAS, international students and alumni who concerns about the development of the college, to contribute substantially for the platform. The platform aims to collectand accumulate materials to create a favorable education and humanities environment, and join hands to contribute for the multi-culture environment construction of the college.

2. Collection preference

Art work, historical manuscripts, folk items, traditional clothing, badges, calligraphy and painting, crafts, books, photographs, letters, specimens, video data and recording, tools, facilities and equipment, model, souvenirs, mark plaque, celebrities’ manuscripts and other items which represent regional cultures of international students’ homeland.

The contributed materials should be legally owned by the donator.

3. Collection principle


4. Gratitude expression

a. To express gratitude, a commemorative plaque will be place next to the donation, sign with the name, nationality, grade, major and introduction about the donator; if the donation is contributed collectively, a commemorative plaque will mark the name, nationality, grade, major, and the introduction of the donators.

b. To demonstrate gratitude, an honorary certificate will be awarded to the donator.

c. Details of donation (both individuals and collectives) will be published on the college website.

5. Collection procedures

Students who plan to participate may register from the following contact information, send the donations to the IC (Multicultural display platform), and follow the formal procedures of the donation.

Contact: Ms. Tan, Dr. Chen

Tel: +86-10-82680563

Contact email: