4th Asian Materials Education Symposium & Top Forum on Materials Science and Engineering Discipline Construction

Location: A504, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences              

Time:  December 6th-7th, 2019

Materials Science and Engineering have important social status and responsibilities in social development. In line with social requirements and the construction requirement of world-class materials disciplines, this high-level forum invite elites at home and abroad to speak around the six major themes: top-notch talent cultivation method, teacher team building, teaching environment construction, international exchange, cultural heritage and social services.

Major themes:

  • top-notch talent cultivation method
  • teacher team building
  • teaching environment construction
  • international exchange
  • cultural heritage
  • social services

Organizing Committee

Chairman: Shushen LI

Vice-chairman: Yanfen WANG, Jianping FAN, Pingheng Tan, Zhongbo HU

Host: Zhongbo HU, Pingheng TAN

Special Guest: Zhongbo XU, Lixin WANG, Kuiling DING, Fazhou WANG


Featured Speaker

Choon Fong Shih,University Professor of NUS, Advisor to the President of UCAS

Michael Farries Ashby, the University of Cambridge

Chingping Wong,Chinese University of Hong Kong

John Wang, National University of Singapore

Peng Cao, the University of Auckland

Yanglong Hou, Peking University

Chi Zhang, Tsinghua University

Chengbao Jiang,Beihang University

Baode Sun, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Hanxing Liu, Wuhan University of Technology


Agenda of the forum


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