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Notice: Lecture at the CAS Institute for the History of Natural Science

The 140th lecture of the China-France lecture series "History, Archeology and Society" will be held at the CAS Institute for the History of Natural Science (IHNS).

Title: Dependence and Control: Interaction between the Imperial Governments' Book Enterprise and the Local Support System during the Qing Dynasty

Lecturer: Zhu Saihong of the Palace Museum, Beijing

About the lecture:

During the Qing Dynasty, imperial governments used various methods to collect books from all over the country. A sizable local support system was thus formed and the imperial book-collecting activities developed into a book enterprise including collection, compilation, production and circulation. The imperial governments controlled and intervened in local activities in terms of book content, compilation and publication. This lecture will focus on the manifestations of the imperial governments' dependence on and control of the local support system and the effects and characteristics of the interaction between the two systems.

Time: 14:00, September 16

Venue: IHNS Lecture Hall
#55 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing