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Notice: Genomics and New Green Revoloution Forum on September 17

Plant Genomics and the New Green Revolution
Title: Plant Ionome and Local Adaption
Research Fellow: Prof. Chao Daiyin, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Siciences, CAS Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology
Research Orientation: Genetic Foundation for Plant Nutrition and Environmental Adaptation


Prof. Chao Daiyin, doctoral supervisor and research fellow at the Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences.

Prof. Chao graduated from the Institute of Life Science, Anhui University, and received a doctoral degree from the Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, in 2001.

After receiving his doctoral degree, he conducted post-doctoral research about the genetic foundations for the ion group of Arabidopsis thaliana at the Salt Loboratary of Purdue University. In 2011, he continued his post-doctoral research with Professor Salt at the University of Aberdeen. From April 2013, he served as a group leader at the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, as well as being a research fellow and doctoral supervisor.

Prof. Chao has published 18 papers in such respected international academic journals as Science, Nature, Cell Biology, Genes & Development, Plant Cell, PLos Genetics, and Cell Research.

Currently, Prof. Chao is focused on the molecular genetic foundations for plants to adapt to the soil environment using rice and Arabidopsis thaliana as model organisms. His research seeks to illustrate the genetic mechanisms of plant evolution and species formation, and provide theoretical foundations for increasing crop yield, improving grain nutrition quality and dealing with environmental pollution.

Time: 3 p.m., September 7, 2014

Address: 8210 Meeting Room, No. 1 Building, Institute of Genetics and Development Biology, CAS.
State Key Laboratary of Plant Cell and Chromosome Engineering