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How to apply a UCAS ID Card

Dear Foreign Employees,

As long as you start working at UCAS, a UCAS ID card will help you take the campus shuttle buses, borrow the books from the library and even take meals at UCAS dining halls.

Please first contact the staff at the college or department where you belong to. And fill the form of 外请任课教师办理一卡通数据登记表 Personnel ID card Application Form. We will create a employee ID for you.

And then, please also fill the form of 网络用户登记表 Application Form of Internet Account. You are free to apply a UCAS E-mail address and an Internet account. And then send both digital form and hard copy form to Internet center of UCAS in the following address:

Please also feel free to contact International affairs office if you need our assistance.

Wish you have a good time at UCAS!