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Programs for Graduate Students - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Programs for Graduate Students

UCAS graduate students may apply for various international scholarships, supported by Chinese Scholarship Council, CAS, foreign universities and companies.


China Scholarship Council (CSC) Graduate Scholarship

CSC launched a scholarship program in 2007 to financially sponsor Chinese students to study abroad. With this scholarship, Chinesestudents can either pursue his/her Ph. D. degree in a foreign university or perform a research plan under the guidance of a foreign supervisor.For students who are registered first-year, second-year and third-year Ph. D. students in Chinese (home) universities, the home and foreign supervisors work together to make research plan for each student. After their international study, the students are required to return to their home universities to complete their Ph. D. degrees. This is the so-called "co-supervised model" for Ph. D. candidates.

This scholarship coversliving expense, health insurance and international travel expense.

UCAS Joint PhD Training Scholarship

Each year, UCAS Chinese students are selected and offered the UCAS Joint PhD Training Programscholarship to study abroad for 1 year at most in leading international universities and institutions. The UCAS Joint PhD Training Program Fellowship includes the following two parts:  (1) A living stipend (2) A round-trip international airfare.

UCAS Chinese students under the SDC program may apply for the scholarship to study in Denmark for 6 months.


UCAS-GU Joint Doctoral Training Scholarship

A maximum of 10 UCAS Chinese students are offered UCAS-Griffith University (UCAS-GU) Joint Doctoral Training scholarship each year. Selected candidates for the program are awarded a stipend scholarshipand a tuition fee scholarshipfor a period of 3 years at GU withthe candidatesspending 2 years to undertake the relevant coursework, doctoral thesis-related research and writing at UCAS. Candidates who complete all components of the program will receive a PhD awarded by UCAS and GU respectively.

SABIC – CAS Scholarship Program

In September 2014, CAS signed a strategic collaboration agreement with SABIC. According to the agreement, the scholarship has been established for rewarding UCAS graduate students with outstanding achievements in scientific research and promoting the progress of science and technology.